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Welcome at Jogi's World yogi

Hello surfer, welcome on my Homepage !
My name is Jogi Künstner, I'm a Swabian ( oh my god ...) and I have lived for a long time in Bavaria's biggest village: Munich

What I like to do best is sitting with friends in comfort pubs and
enjoying one of the best inventions of the Bavarians

* Weissbier *

To compensate the bad consequences of this passion, I enjoy practice in my spare time as
jogger / biker / squasher / skier skiing in Flims/Laax
Beside surfing and hacking
I like taking good photographs ( you can see some pictures on my Newzealand-Page)
hear a lot of music, from Rock/Pop over Jazz to Classical music everything, you can find some selected links on my Link-Page (where else ??? :-) )
sometimes I like cooking (take a look at my "Käs"-Spätzle-Page (Käse = Cheese))
and when my work allows it: I like to travel

You can find out easily about the rest of my interests, hobbies ... , in following the links ! A lot of fun, if you have comments/ideas... , it would be nice to hear from you

Former visitors of my page may have been missing the following picture:

In the meantime I run more Linux on my computers than billsoft, so this "critic" has its right now.
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